Third project

Šimanovci – Phase 3

After the successfully completed construction of the first two logistics facilities in the industrial zone 5.1 Šimanovci, the third facility of 7244m2 was completed within the deadline. The building is located next to already existing buildings that have found their use.



For more information about investments, future plans, design and construction of logistics centers, contact one of the employees at I.P.B. and we will gladly respond to your call.

Who we are

About us

Company I.P.B. – Industrial park Beograd Ltd was founded in 2007 in Belgrade. The main goal of the company is to develop and build modern logistics centers in Southeast Europe.

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Experience at the highest level


I.P.B. today it can serve the most logical logistical needs, since the industrial zone 5.1 in Simanovci was made according to the most up-to-date standards.


The team of experienced designers can respond to all your requirements and present the best and most modern solution that will meet all your business needs.

Construction works

The decades-long experience of employees, as well as the number of built facilities, show our position in the top of the builder in the territory of EX-YU.


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The word of our business partners and associates is our best advertisement and the greatest motivation to be a strong and stable partner.

Very satisfied!

Long-term cooperation with IPB is at a very high level, because I can only convey the praiseworthy words. A really great company for every recommendation.

Marko Kokeza
Senior Executive Assistant

Excellent partners!

The company with which it is a pleasure to work. In every moment, prepare for new challenges. They never have to give up on them. They can learn a lot from them. Congratulations!!!

Miloš Raduljić
Junior Assistant

Always before the time 🙂

All I would say is just go ahead and continue as you are. Great energy for success and work is really on a seductive level. Thanks for the wonderful cooperation.

Zorana Jović
Executive Assistant


Team owned by IPB is for every praise. You are great. Partner in the first place. I hope we will cooperate for a long time. Thank you for your trust.

Ana Maria
Office Assistant

Quick, right!

The speed they are progressing is unachievable. The accuracy they give us is a great support in quality long-term cooperation. Company for each recommendation.

Jelena Brk

Go ahead

In the rich experience I have, I rarely found a company like IPB Ltd really a great professionalism. Great. Everything is precise and accurate, and above all responsible.

Andrijana Bojić
Home Owner


The companies that trust us, who believe in our work, are justified by good results.
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Why we?

the level of work we provide is above the rest

Always on time

Our team always completes all started projects on time and within the planned budget. Great experience in the field of civil engineering and a large number of designed and built facilities, without any delay, can only confirm the rewards of our efforts.

Always available

We are here for you whenever necessary. Contact us for consultations or for answers to any questions from our field. We can offer valid advice and answers, which will only contribute to improving your business. Every business day, in offices in the business district of Belgrade, we are willing to listen to you and suggest some business models in the field of logistics centers.

Professionalism and responsibility

24/7/365 days a year, you can count on IPB Ltd, whose team of professionals will help you turn your dream into reality. Our company is a reliable partner, which can offer the most favorable conditions on the market of South East Europe. Responsibility, which can be found at IPB Ltd, will result in quality and stable cooperation.


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IPB d.o.o. - Industrijski Park Beograd - kompanija koja je specijalizovana za rasvoj savremenih logističkih centara